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A Chocoholic Experience

Auteuil - 75016

A Chocoholic Experience

Family's Workshop

180.00 / Family
4 People max
1h30 Duration
4 years

What are we doing during A Chocoholic Experience ?

A tasty kids-friendly activity.

Enjoy an experience plenty of chocolate and fun with your family.

You will meet a local Chocolatier who will share his story, his works and his knowledge. 

Milk, white, dark... which one will be your favorite ?


Why do we love A Chocoholic Experience ?

A delicious experience in Paris.

Because we love unusual activities to do in Paris, this meeting with a Chocolatier will be an unforgettable moment to share with your family.

Good to know

  • Meeting with a local artisan
  • Shop located in the 16th arrondissement

How do we get there?

Auteuil - 75016

Auteuil, 75016, Paris


Lines 9, 10


Bus 62, 72

What's the plan after A Chocoholic Experience ?


40 rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016 PARIS

At the exit of the Maison de la Radio, take rue Jean de la fontaine and have a quick stop at the 14 Castel Béranger, the first building of new art style created by the architect Hector Guimard to whom we owe the shrines that made up access to Paris metro stations. At number 40 of the same street, you will find a charming little garden belonging to the "Orphelins d'Auteuil" Foundation where your children can play (toboggan, swings and sandbox). A little carousel can also please your youngest children.

Our secret tips : next to the the entrance of the garden, you will find a market of games and children's equipment that will allow you to do good business!


Bois de Boulogne, Chemin de la Croix Catelan, 75016 Paris

If you like to stroll and enjoy a walk, this park is for you! Its shaded paths, peacocks and large lawns will please you as much as your children. The garden and the Shakespeare Theater (known as the Théâtre de Verdure) are an extension of this magnificent park.


Lac inférieur de Boulogne 75016 PARIS

Nice walk around the lake, but also you can enjoy a ride on the lake. Rent a boat and show your rowing skills to your children ... or let them work. Crazy laugh guarenteed! It should be 6 € for 30 minutes.

Who are we ?

Visiting a new city with your kids… exciting, isn’t it ? until this moment of truth when you try to figure out which activities you should plan. How awful ! The worst part comes when you discover that this « amazing » visit you booked isn’t children-friendly at all.

As parent, I wish I had the opportunity to discuss with locals before visiting a new city with my kids. As a result, I’ve created Les Ouvreuses, a concierge service dedicated to families, made by Parisian parents for parents visiting Paris. We love to share our tips and special address, recommand guided tours and workshops… to help families enjoying Paris as we do.

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